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Innovation Challenge 1.0 Bootcamp

On 14 February 2023 a richly diverse group of people came together with one shared goal:
how might we develop and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among students and staff at ZHAW?

The bootcamp surpassed all expectations! From the very start we were able to tangibly feel the energy in the room and the positive drive. We were absolutely wowed with the ideas that emerged. We are so excited for the next steps which include prototyping and pitching – building the Entrepreneurial University together, piece by piece.

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ZHAW Innovation Challenge 1.0 Bootcamp participants

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Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, something to laugh or valuable information to gather. It's the people that write the stories, whether it be successful ones or the f*ck ups along the way. With transparency and empathy we can share, learn and grow. Let's grow together!

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We are curious - what are you passionate about? How was your founder journey or what's your secret of having a growth-mindset? 

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We love meeting creative souls, entrepreneurial minds and future shapers. And we want you to be able to do the same. This is why we started visioneur. It's all about people meeting and enriching each other, collaboration and teamwork. Only with this energy and power we can make innovations happen and thrive towards a more sustainable and better world.

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Vorname Name
Position / Funktion
I like teamwork, the freedom to try new things, not being afraid of mistakes, change and innovation, and listening to, seeing and supporting people and their ideas.
Jaime Gerner
Chief Operating Officer Airport Taxi Zurich
Mealprep for the advanced.
Johannes Hofer
CMO & Co-Founder Steasy
Innovation through collaboration
Raphael Wolfensberger
Event Manager ZHAW entrepreneurship & innovator (Innovation Challenge 1.0)

On a mission to shape the future together

The transformation taking place in many industries, practices and businesses requires staff with an entrepreneurial skill- and mindset. ZHAW aspires to be the place where entrepreneurial thinkers and doers meet up, thrive and grow. We want to ignite the hearts and minds who will boldly shape our future. For this, we started the community called "visioneur" - so that people from and outside of ZHAW can take part in this exciting journey!


We ideate
We innovate
We empower